The Process

BizWorld Middle East is the home of two inspiring programs designed to prepare kids aged 7-15 for the world beyond the classroom and open their eyes to the opportunities in entrepreneurship.

Each program incorporates vital life lessons about business, financial responsibility and entrepreneurship while encouraging the development of universally respected skills which are essential for 21st Century success: team spirit, critical thinking, leadership and creativity.

BizWorld programs can be taught in a variety of settings – the classroom, gifted and talented circles, after-school groups, summer camps, enrichment programs and corporate/not-for profit run programs.

Step 1 : Discover Our Programs

Find out all there is to know about our programs so you can confidently choose the right one for your students.


Step 2 : Get In Touch

When you’re ready to bring BizWorld into your world and theirs, let us know by getting in touch. We’ll be able to answer any questions and even arrange a workshop where we’ll come to your place of teaching to let you and others know what the program is all about. If you like the sound of that already, you can Book a Workshop.


Step 3 : Train Up

Once you’ve decided between BizWorld and BizMovie, it’s time to discover just how to teach the program so your students can get the very most from it.

We’ll come to you to explain everything you need to know about the program’s tried and tested delivery structure which is designed to be as straightforward and rewarding as possible. By the end of the training, you’ll be ready and raring to go.

Step 4 : Student Pre-Assessment

It’s immensely useful for your students take a pre-assessment before the program begins so you can get a full view of their progress.

Step 5 : Teach

Now it’s time to transform your students’ view of the world and boost their future prospects. Your training will guide you through every lesson to be taught as part of your program and we’re always on hand if you have any questions along the way. Be sure to make the most of our online resources, too.

Step 6 : Student Post-Assessment

When the program comes to an end, have your students sit the post-assessment and we’ll send you their score changes in comparison to their pre-assessment. In doing so, you’ll get a complete picture of the program’s impact on your students.

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