The BizWorld Program

BizWorld is the mainstay program of the region’s leading entrepreneurship program for kids aged 7-15.

The project-based learning (PBL) program allows students to develop a deep understanding of the essentials of entrepreneurship, business and finance as they undertake a real-life business venture.

The experience not only equips kids with valuable business knowledge, but gives them opportunity to develop important interpersonal skills such as leadership, teamwork and critical thinking.


Students work in teams to establish, fund and run a simple but fully functional company, with all the decisions in their hands. From drawing up product prototypes, to working out how much to charge and what to call the company, the onus is on them.

What better way to prepare for the demands of the future than taking on the responsibility of operating a business in a safe learning environment? The students’ hard work comes together at a Sales Bazaar where they sell their products using the BizBucks currency to other students, parents, administrators and community members. This is a chance for them to test the strength of their business decisions.

Who does it benefit?


  • FUN and engaging!
  • Links their academic studies to skills needed in the working world
  • Showcases their individual talents and gives them an opportunity to discover new skills and interests within themselves
  • Opportunity to work in teams and work with different peer groups
  • Change of pace; opportunity to move beyond the desk
  • Great practice for speaking and listening skills when they present to a crowd


  • Connects academic content to the real world
  • Enhances life skills: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity
  • Project-based and interdisciplinary
  • Meaningful way to engage parents/volunteers in your classroom
  • Built in student assessment

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