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As an educator, it’s important to feel you’re giving your students the best opportunity to excel and reach their full potential in life. But to truly inspire the kids you lead, it’s equally important you find your responsibility as an educator enjoyable and fulfilling. Our programs help tick both of those boxes…

BizWorld produces kids who are a joy to teach : By sparking their ambition and showing kids how academic topics such as maths, social studies, languages and economics connect to real life, BizWorld has a knock on effect of improving children’s focus levels in other lessons. That means you can spend less time settling distractions and more time actually teaching. According to our rigorous evaluations, 98% of teachers surveyed agreed that the BizWorld programs connect academic content to the real world.

BizWorld is rewarding : Knowing you’re tending to the development of whole characters and in doing so, priming your students to thrive in the real world feels extremely rewarding. Not least when you see kids realising their worth when they apply themselves to an exciting business venture.

BizWorld engenders stronger teacher-student relationships : For the majority of kids, BizWorld is a break from the classroom norm. This change of learning environment is an excellent opportunity for you and your students to get to know one another on a new level and make for a more engaged group of students going forwards.


How does taking part in a project that’s fun and could also do great things for you in the future sound? It’s really important you find something you can enjoy doing outside of your usual school lessons.

BizWorld is something you can choose to do that is a little bit different to the activities you might usually think of doing when you’re not in the classroom. BizWorld takes you and your team members on a journey where you discover just how businesses make the world go round.

Together, you will step into the shoes of grown ups by setting up your very own business and deciding exactly what direction you want to take it in. You will have a helping hand if you need it every step of the way. BizWorld is an exciting, one-of-a-kind experience that will lead you to discoveries about the world and yourself, that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

There is so much to gain when you take part in BizWorld…

  • Discover what it means to be an entrepreneur
  • Take part in an exciting – and really fun – project
  • Impress your family with how much you know about important real world topics
  • Get ahead of the game of life – you’re never too young to start earning your own money
  • Make good friends as you work together in a team
  • Show the world what you can do
  • See how you can make your dreams come to life

To discover more about what BizWorld will mean to you, visit our program pages.

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