Eight Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs To Develop For Business (And For Life) – Helen Al Uzaizi

15 Mar, 2017 | Press Releases

Our CEO, Helen Al Uzaizi, writes in Entrepreneur ME about the skills entrepreneurs need to develop for business… and for life:

The entrepreneurial spirit is not a gift bestowed on a small percentage of the population. On the contrary, we at BizWorld UAE believe everyone is born an entrepreneur- they just need to develop certain skills and behaviors at an early age to truly grow into truly successful and effective entrepreneurs. These behaviors not only define a successful entrepreneur, but can also be applied to any career path, develop leadership capabilities, and shape individuals who are engaged in their community. To make the most of these skills, they must be nurtured at a young age to realistically shape future entrepreneurs. Here are eight such traits that one needs to develop for business (and for life):


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