BizWorld UAE – Kids Entrepreneurship Workshop 2017 at Impact Hub Dubai

15 Mar, 2017 | Events


The BizWorld UAE workshop brings entrepreneurship education to kids in Dubai! Our program is designed to bring out your child’s inner entrepreneur and leader.

Our 4-week experiential workshop teaches kids the basics of starting and running their own business. We cover everything from how to create a business plan to marketing and selling their products. Students are given the opportunity to pitch to an ‘investor’ to raise funding for their business and take up responsibility of the different roles that make up a successful venture.

We also go beyond the business aspect, developing kids’ critical thinking skills, creativity, teamwork, sense of empathy and so many other important life skills that they will need in the future. We are working to instill the entrepreneurial spirit in children, so no matter what career path they choose in the future, they are prepared to take on any challenge!

Here our kid entrepreneurs at the 4 week workshops held between January – March 2017 at Impact Hub Dubai. Some of the successful ventures that were created during this time were the unique decorations for Valentine’s Day called the DecoHouse, and the revamped gift-giving idea called  Special Surprises.

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